PRE-ORDER NOW: Modern Media Relations for Nonprofits

PRE-ORDER NOW:  Modern Media Relations for Nonprofits



Media relations isn’t a top priority at most nonprofits andfoundations. And it’s easy to understand why. While their priorities lie elsewhere, nonprofits still need to have a media strategy. Organizations that successfully work with reporters, editors, and opinion makers are more visible and they are better able to advocate for their missions, and raise more money to support their work. They also need to be prepared to respond in the unfortunate cases where they are inaccurately depicted in a story or on social media — or when they are at the center of a crisis or controversy.

This book can serve as your guide for building that strategy. While there are plenty of other books that offer instruction on media relations, this one is written by two trained journalists and nonprofit leaders. It offers practical strategies to navigate today’s media landscape from citizen journalism to fake news.

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