How We Compare

Media is a multimedia publishing company committed to helping authors succeed in the book publishing industry. How Bold & Bright Media’s process compares with Self-Publishing and Traditional Publishing:

The Bold & Bright Difference

As reflected in our company name, Bold & Bright Media is an author-centered hybrid between Self-Publishing and Traditional Publishing. Our goal is to work with authors to create high-quality, reader-friendly books at reasonable price points. As a company founded by two writers, we believe authors not only deserve generous royalties but also expert advice on how to market their books in ways that build their own brands, as well as the Bold & Bright Media brand. Here are a few important differences in today’s common publishing models:



Bold & Bright Media

Traditional Publishing
ACCEPTANCEAll things are accepted in self-publishing, which includes vanity presses.We don’t accept all submissions. We are currently focusing on a niche of reader friendly, well-priced nonprofit guides and inspirational books. We work directly with authors.The acceptance process is labor intensive and typically requires a draft of a manuscript, proof that the book will sell, and in some cases a paid literary agent who takes a percentage of all royalties
EXPENSESYou pay for everything yourself upfront, including editing, book cover and interior design, printing, and marketing.We pay for most expenses, including editing, book cover and interior design, and a portion of marketing.The publisher pays for most expenses, including editing, book cover and interior design.
ROYALTIESYou get around 60-70% of each book sold, depending on the source for distribution. You can collect royalties monthly.Expect higher royalties than more traditional publishers. Contracts are negotiable and range from 15% to 25%. They are slightly higher for the Kindle version. Royalties are calculated after printing and distribution costs. We are transparent about these costs and pay your royalties to you quarterly.Publishers typically pay royalties around 10% or less, depending on the publisher and the country. Sometimes royalties are calculated after distribution costs. The calculations and reporting are often murky. You may receive royalties only once or twice a year.
RIGHTSYou keep all the rights. You are also
responsible for purchasing the rights of all artwork you are using.
We carefully negotiate the rights to your book and future related projects with the exact conditions with our legal counsel.The publisher usually retains all rights to your book; the exact conditions depend on the publisher.
MARKETINGIt’s all up to you.We are experts in marketing to the nonprofit sector and will develop a book marketing plan with you that we implement together.Marketing plans are often nonexistent unless you are a major blockbuster author. Any plans they have will likely not be shared with the author.
DECISIONSYou make all decisions regarding your book. You might make good decisions or bad decisions; they are your decisions nevertheless.An expert team works with you through the decision-making process, carefully blending our expertise with yours to make great team decisions.The publisher’s staff make all the decisions regarding what your book looks like, the style of your writing, etc. They might ask your opinion, if they feel like it.
TIMINGWho knows? It all depends on your time and ability to navigate all the various pieces of the writing and publishing process.Months. Your book can be ready for sale within four to six months, depending how quickly you write and edit.Years. With many layers of formal approval, including lots of “hurry up and wait,”it often takes a year or two for a book to go from the proposal stage to a finished product.
KNOW-HOWThis requires a lot of research and trial and error by the author.You can be certain that your book is in the best, most capable hands from editing to design. Our process is author-centered.Expect a process with a small amount of flexibility and feedback. It’s their way or the highway.