Modern Media Relations for Nonprofits:

Creating an Effective PR Strategy for Today’s World

By Peter Panepento and Antionette Kerr 

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 This book can serve as your guide for building that strategy. While there are plenty of other books that offer instruction on media relations, this one is written by two trained journalist and nonprofit leaders. It offers practical strategies to navigate today’s media landscape from citizen journalism to fake news.

Peter Panepento and Antionette Kerr have worked both as reporters and as media relations professionals and they’ve developed a G.R.E.A.T. approach to nonprofit media relations — Goal-oriented, Responsive, Empowered, Appealing and Targeted.

Whether you’re looking to get your next event covered by the local TV station or are looking to change minds in national outlets like the Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal or The New York Times, the G.R.E.A.T. approach offers you the roadmap to success.


    • Develop a media relations strategy that meets your nonprofit’s goals… and its budget.
    • Build relationships with reporters and editors that will lead to positive placement.
    • Prepare for and manage media crises.
  • Learn how to position your leaders as thought leaders.

And much more!

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How to Manage Your Nonprofit’s Communications for Great Results

By Kivi Leroux Miller 

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 Are you searching for the secrets to being more strategic, effective, and happy in your nonprofit communications work?

Look no further. You’ll find the answers inside.

Kivi Leroux Miller—whose previous books, The Nonprofit Marketing Guide and the award-winning Content Marketing for Nonprofits, are considered “the bibles” of nonprofit marketing and communications—reveals what she’s learned from coaching hundreds of nonprofit communications directors and teams.

Effective nonprofit communication is about much more than list targeting, relevant messaging, email open rates, and social media scheduling. The most successful communications directors and teams are those who are Collaborative, Agile, Logical, and Methodical. They are CALM.


  • Take the CALM not BUSY Assessment to get your personalized CALM Score.
  • Learn how simplifying your communications work makes you more strategic.
  • How to lead others through good communications decision making.
  • How to minimize the chaos, busyness, and stress so you enjoy the work more.
  • How to apply CALM not BUSY to real-world situations.

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Somya R. Munjal—who has worked extensively on economic empowerment and wealth gap disruption through her social enterprises Youthful SavingsCPA for the People, LLP, and Audacious Endeavors, LLC,—reveals how to ignite your inner passion and change the world through sound business practices. Somya, pictured, lives in Los Angeles, CA.