Bold & Bright Media Author FAQ’s

What will my book look like?

Every book we publish will appear as a paperback and as a Kindle e-book. For examples, see 

CALM not BUSY: How to Manage Your Nonprofit’s Communications for Great Results

Modern Media Relations for Nonprofits: Creating an Effective PR Strategy for Today’s World

How long will it take to publish a book?

The answer varies. Some books will be submitted to us ready for publication with only a minimal amount of copy and developmental editing needed. Others might require more substantial help. If we choose to take on your project, we can work together to determine any supplemental services that you might need before you are ready to enter the final editing and design process covered under your contract with Bold & Bright Media.

After the editing process is complete, the design and distribution process takes two to three months.  

What do I have to pay out of pocket?

Our basic services for all authors include copy editing, limited development editing, graphic design, marketing and distribution.  Authors who need additional help developing their book outline, ghostwriting or significant editing will need to pay for those services. Bold & Bright Media can connect with you that help if needed.

How are royalties calculated?

To calculate the royalty you earn per book sold, we multiply your agreed upon percentage by the net sales price. Royalty percentages will change based on print, digital, wholesale, bulk sales and author copies. Our royalty rates are highly competitive and/or higher than existing publishers in the same genre. We are a company founded by two writers, so we try to be generous with royalties.

Do I need to hire a literary agent?

We prefer to negotiate royalty rates directly with each writer. A literary agent is not required for manuscript proposals.  Authors might see the service of an agent or publicist for marketing and promotional purposes.

Does Bold & Bright Media provide marketing services?

Bold & Bright Media will provide some marketing services as outlined in your contract. For example, Bold & Bright Media partners with wholesale distributors to market and distribute to bookstores, libraries, and universities. We will also provide consultations to you on your brand and our recommendations for your author marketing based on our experience.

Should you need additional marketing support beyond our book contract with you, we may be able to provide that under a separate agreement or can refer you to a number of companies that will gladly assist with a marketing plan for your book.

If you like the idea of Bold & Bright, we’d love to chat with you about publishing your next book. Bold & Bright Media is a modern publishing company, blending the best of traditional mainstream publishing and self-publishing, while leaving behind the problems authors most frequently encounter with both.