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Are you searching for the secrets to being more strategic, effective, and happy in your nonprofit communications work? Look no further. You’ll find the answers inside. Kivi Leroux Miller—whose previous books, The Nonprofit Marketing Guide and the award-winning Content Marketing for Nonprofits, are considered “the bibles” of nonprofit […]

COMING SOON:  Modern Media Relations for Nonprofits

COMING SOON: Modern Media Relations for Nonprofits

Media relations isn’t a top priority at most nonprofits and foundations. And it’s easy to understand why. While their priorities lie elsewhere, nonprofits still need to have a media strategy. Organizations that successfully work with reporters, editors, and opinion makers are more visible and they […]

Write for Yourself

Write for Yourself

For years I refused to label myself a “writer” even though I had written hundreds of newspaper and magazine stories. People treat you differently when they discover you are a writer. They have strange thoughts like expecting you to know their favorite author. “You mean […]

Why we are excited about 2017

Why we are excited about 2017

The folks at Bold & Bright Media wish you a Happy New Year! We are excited about making major announcements and publishing our first two books THIS SPRING! These practical guides will launch our nonprofit series. We look forward to a year filled with bold & bright opportunities for […]